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   Hello, My name is Jon. Welcome to ESL Online Cebu. I offer professional online ESL/EFL instruction in Cebu, Philippines. My time zone is GMT+8. If you want to have online lessons, I offer lessons using Skype .  I have access to over 500 current English books and manuals all in PDF format. Whether you want simple conversation or a detailed curriculum, I can teach you.

 Teaching is my profession, and I enjoy helping others to learn English. How can you best learn English?

Today, many people want to learn English because English is the most widely spoken language around the world. Demand is high, and many schools and online tutors are available for instruction. What is the best way to learn English?
There are probably as many answers as there are teachers and students. Joking aside, English is a difficult language to learn if you are an non-native. There are some fundamental differences in the way western languages approach grammar, syntax, and pronunciation.

The best way to learn any language is to immerse yourself in its culture. Surround yourself with English speaking natives. One way to do this is to live in America, the UK, or Australia. Live there for a year and speak English everyday. Obviously, we all can't do this. It is simply not practical for us to interrupt our lives and go live in an English speaking country.

Thankfully there are good alternatives to going to the U.S. Online learning offers a great opportunity to study without leaving home.Learning English is a practiced art, and yes language is an art as well as a skill. We not only have to learn grammar and vocabulary, we have to visualize ideas and concepts in English to become proficient. In addition, we have to train our brains to think in English.
Learning in a culture of English is the fastest way to accomplish this. There is no substitute for practice and using all your senses to acquire English in a native speaking environment.Email me and let's get started.


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